Kept secrets linger — caught somewhere in a spiritual realm where quiet rain falls from dusty skies and the thin veil of faith shudders The urge to reveal truth beckons, a burning need that calls with a longing, lilting song crashing like waves washing across the lake, speckled and brilliant Loyalty and repercussion blend until the siren is silenced and sunlight falls across the rippled … Continue reading Secrets

Capturing Hope

Once I climbed the walls of a canyon just to release my voice beneath a sky tinged with red velvet and rubies it echoed hollow and flat before returning to fill spaces and cracks and indigence replacing thoughts of emboldened bitterness The Milky Way created calligraphy in the dark and I captured my tears in a cup before offering up the distress I was bound … Continue reading Capturing Hope

Reviews Are Coming In!

  5.0 out of 5 starsGreat YA book- – definite read!! July 13, 2018 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase A great story that keeps you on the edge of your seat with suspense all the while laughing at the witty interaction! Michele Vecchitto did a great job developing the relationship between Thomas and Remy and Samara. Initially thinking they had to travel and battle on their own, … Continue reading Reviews Are Coming In!

Mother’s Pride

Smiles and a promise back when time moved slowly… delicious in daily tasks satisfying in simplicity Sometimes we’d sleep on the porch lit with candles and let the ocean breeze wash away our troubles Single-handed focus on dreams meant for a life we had planned, not knowing where our path would lead, back when the future was yet reimagined Somehow we made it through twists … Continue reading Mother’s Pride

On Loss, Again

Sometimes below the tears that fall gently like the summer rain resolve falters and that brave front weighs too heavy Somehow among the rack and ruin you find the courage to fall into the unknown and release the desperation Grief is like that States of emergency muddled with stress and too many decisions disappear or at least rearrange and those hands that you’ve clenched and … Continue reading On Loss, Again


Inside my second destiny the world is touch and go blessed by creativity and cursed by the wear and tear of whys and wherefores navigating stepping stones between pretty pools and violent seas knowing I’m seconds away from drowning in dreams that are all at once innocent and maniacal taunting with signposts painted in invisible ink labelled This Way To Your Future photo: mine prompts: … Continue reading Inbetween

Tandem Masterpiece

  Serenity found in balancing layers   Memories of grace Moments of honesty   Times when willows wept at night tracking tears of the misguided   Times when winds danced with the rising sun trafficking unadulterated joy Honesty colors this retrospective in hues we seek to keep   Peace paints the perfect picture   photo: mine (My son and I in Sedona) prompts: Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie … Continue reading Tandem Masterpiece

Weekend Coffee Share, May 9

  If we were having coffee today, May 9th, I would apologize for my tardiness. It was another busy weekend. We had a family brunch on Sunday. We get together each year to honor my grandparents. How I miss them, but there’s comfort in knowing they would have loved this annual event. Most of the children in the family were born after my grandmother passed … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share, May 9


Words spoken don’t always make it so Rather, action is the harbinger of truth revealed layer by layer petal by petal moment by moment Behavior bears fruit to stoke the fires of redemption of motivation of creation It’s a dance spinning out of control designed to chase away every demon A cathartic salve it soothes those deep wounds hidden in unsent letters and private rants framed … Continue reading Harbinger

If We Were Having Coffee, April 29

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I’d invite you to sit outside with me. It’s still a little cool although it is almost May, but my daffodils are in full bloom and the sun is shining bright. I need that fresh air. Don’t you? I’d tell you about yet another busy weekend. Yesterday, my husband and I left to run an errand that should … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, April 29

Twin Battle Scars

Love as armor and shield Nothing borrowed, nothing owed Calling to you, a wonder revealed Come, let’s slip down that secret road We’ll make magic on each battlefield This is the gift fate has bestowed Calling to you, a wonder revealed Come, let’s slip down that secret road Beauty lives in words slowly revealed It’s up to us to learn and decode We’ll make magic … Continue reading Twin Battle Scars