Rage lingers beneath the surface

Intense, commanding

Concealed in the shadows

Like invisible fault lines

Hiding the trembling earth beneath

Like riptides obscured by calm waters

Waiting to capture unsuspecting swimmers

Like sparkling slabs of unstable snow

Fated to unleash a consuming avalanche


Pumping through restricted veins

Like shards of shattered glass

Slicing through silk

Burning lungs with each breath

Like a white-hot flame

Consuming all available oxygen

Metastasizing into bones

Like rapacious demons

Longing for souls


Intertwined with Sorrow

Rage wraps around its victim

Serpentine tentacles strangle

Like ill-fated lovers

Doomed to unrequited love

Like grandiose figures

Bound for guaranteed failure

Like superfluous energy

Annihilating its source


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