The Choice


The Choice

It’s a choice

A conscious decision

To stand in judgement

Or open a heart

Within the iron walls of judgement

Cowardice fuels hatred

Fear consumes tolerance

Righteousness contradicts hope

Within the warm walls of a heart

Curiosity fuels understanding

Empathy consumes fear

Acceptance contradicts bigotry

Much easier to stand in judgement

Never inconvenienced

Never introspective

Never unguarded

Much harder to open a heart

Always challenged

Always vulnerable

Always exposed

Bring me the differences

I applaud them although

I may not agree

Show me the possibilities

I consider them although

I may choose a different path

Let me live within my heart

I welcome the journey although

I may stumble

Stretching, growing

Experiencing, learning

This is where I want to live



reblogging for prompt: Open-Minded


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