What are dreams

That wake you

In the middle

Of the night


Maniacal intrusions of a troubled mind


The kind that

Transport you from

Meandering rivers of bliss to downright terror

Until you drown


Electrocuted bolts of altered reality


The kind that

Cause you to

Dig your fingernails into the palms of your hands

Until they bleed


Interrupted lifeline of desiccated half moons


The kind that

Steal your breath

Silencing  screams in the back of your throat

Until they cease


Assassinated witness of that not quite experienced


When you can

Feel a presence

Blurring the line between reality and reverie

Until they meld


Macabre landscapes of subconscious fears


When you can

Shake your head

Clearing visions of distorted truths

Until they fade


Haunting flashes of what may be


When you can

See those images

Playing in your head over and over again

Until they discombobulate


Ensconced cache of future visions


Dreams that

Wake you

In the middle

Of the night


Unwelcomed thief of peaceful respite


Just a nightmare

Probably nothing

Still prevents me

From going back to sleep

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