The Labyrinth


Wandering into the labyrinth

With a restlessness I don’t quite understand

Take a deep breath and a few tentative steps

Something is drawing me in…


Accompanied by old ghosts

Led by new friends

I wander

Not quite lost

But maybe a little misguided


Craning my neck to peer around the corner

While cobwebs try to hold me captive

Inviting me to stay trapped

Make the memories

My new home


Brushing them off

Takes more effort than I anticipate

Their sticky grasp

Somehow comforts

More than they should


A few more steps

Determined not to look over my shoulder

Instead focus on that light

Gleaming just out of



Wander, wonder

Wonder why I wander

As I follow the wrong steps

And retrace my



Up ahead

Soft voices call

Encourage me to continue

Promising the journey is its own


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