In her I see myself

Traces of the past

Fragments of my being

Bonded by shared auras


At times

I want to hold her close

Protect her from the storm

Shield her from my mistakes


At times

I want her to fly

Understand her need for freedom

Know some souls aren’t meant to be bound


At times

I want to laugh

Remember how real the drama is…at that moment

Respect the need for self-expression


At times

I want to scream

Frustrated by attitudes I used to own

Exasperated by my reflection in her eyes



I want to hold her in my heart

Laugh, cry, scream, love

Watch her grow into her own…



  1. This is such a perfect poem for the mother-daughter relationship. I have an 18 year old, and she just came downstairs bouncing up and down and acting just like…I do in the mornings.

    Loved it!



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