The World in Ten Minutes


Today’s prompt asks us to write for only ten minutes. Ten minutes is not enough time. By the time I settle in here in front of my computer, steaming cup of coffee in my hand, the allotted time has almost elapsed. Ten minutes? What can happen in ten minutes?

A lot. According to the Daily Mail, we will spend ten minutes each day looking for something we misplaced. Internet live stats show that in ten minutes, 3,500,000 tweets are sent.   5,100 comments are posted on Facebook, along with 1,360,000 photos. On average, lightning will strike our planet 60,000  times and every ten minutes, one kind of plant, animal, or insect is lost forever.

The Children’s Defense Fund states that a baby is born into extreme poverty every 62 seconds. The US Census Bureau  reports that there is one birth every eight seconds and one death every thirteen seconds. Translate that into ten minutes, and you’ll find that life wins over death, at least in this circumstance.

Ten minutes… a lot can happen. Ten minutes is all it takes for a steaming cup of coffee to grow cold.

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