Missed Alarms


Expelled from the hazy, lazy shangri-la of sleep

Awareness settles in… slowly, faintly, persistently

Cool morning air invades warm blankets

Piercing the cocoon

While whistling robins heckle


Plunged into the stark, absolute reality of failed alarms

Panic reigns…pointedly, vehemently, completely

Soft bare feet stomp hard wooden floors

Breaking the barrier

Between fragmented fantasies and frenzied mornings


Plagued by the harbingers of the day to come

Complications follow…predictably, certainly, comically

Missing keys cavort with lost shoes

Ridiculing the delinquent one

As she races about


Compelled by the forces set to ruin the day

the old coffee machine starts to brew its daily pot

and sputters

pops and stops

before one drop reaches the waiting cup




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