And in the end

when rivers run dry and  mountains crumble into the sea

when sweet sounds of song birds fall silent

and orchards of fruit trees there on the distant hills stand barren

when the last autumn leaf falls in forest of naked trees

and an endless winter settles in, cold and dark

I will love you


In the end

when the adrenaline rush of city sidewalks host only ghosts

when the bountiful harvest of the heartland stands ungathered

and echoes in the great canyons go unanswered

when school bells ring in empty hallways

and the old clock tower chimes the hour for no one to hear

I will love you


In the end

when a solitary swing sways in an empty playground

when rows of bicycles remain shackled to iron gates

and children’s laughter no longer fills the playground

when the last rose drops its dried blooms

and collections of poetry gather dust

I will love you


In the end

when the world stops spinning

even when the world stops spinning

and sunlight no longer provides warmth

My love for you will exist

transcending the here and now

for there is no end



photo credit:photo credit: tricky (rick harrison) via photopin cc


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