The Forgotten


Light from the open fridge

reflects her tears

iridescent traces of years gone by

on this dark night


Empty shelves in the open fridge

mirror her desolation

hollow reminders of what life has become

on this dark night


Chilled air from the open fridge

accentuates her loneliness

stark indications of what the future holds

on this dark night


Silence in the empty house

envelops her being

absolute contrast to years gone by

in these predawn hours


Overflowing boxes in the empty house

guard her memories

heart-wrenching opposition to what life has become

in these predawn hours


Handmade quilts in the empty house

protect her frail shoulders

inadequate resource for what the future holds

in these predawn hours


Twilight in an otherwise frenetic world

claims another old soul

sadly forgotten yesterday, today, and tomorrow

As the rest of us greet the morning sun


  1. The picture speaks volumes about life.We can find life quite empty at the end of our journey, and we can be quite lonely and frustrated as compared to our youthful expectations if we set the wrong goals for ourselves while much younger. Your post has reminded me of one I have been thinking of writing on what we are living for. Hope you keep writing. B


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