From Hard Drives to Soft Hearts


Ah, my new friend

so you’ve discovered

my old laptop, collecting dust in the corner

Tread carefully

be gentle

for you now bear witness

to a life newly recreated


As you turn it on

and hear it beep

Listen intently

Hear the voice that whispers in the crowd

You are hearing the beating of a heart


As you peruse my files

and see the endless collection of stories and poems

Proceed cautiously

Delve deeply beneath the surface

You are reading the content of a soul


As you witness the progression

and ride the waves between lows and highs

Accept what is offered

Open yourself to new ways of thinking

You are experiencing a life in transition


Ah, my new friend

it seems you’ve stumbled upon an old machine

Realize now


This is simply a vehicle

from which I reach out

and invite you in

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