It’s My Time

“There’s a time to stand and the time is now or never

A time to fly, a time to let go forever

A time to grow, and a time to discover

Life is precious, every second

You’ve wasted mine and it’s my time”


This used to be my anthem, so many years ago. Back when I was a different person, back when I was angry, these words fueled my desire to find better days. That woman so filled with rage and regret has become one filled with hope and renewal. I’ve learned to let go and move forward.

Circling back, it’s a new anthem of sorts. The time is now or never. Once again, I’m on the cusp of change. The difference is today I’m reaching toward that change with open arms. I’ve done what I’ve had to in order to survive. Now is the time to pursue what I need in order to live an authentic life. I’m learning to be brave and take chances.

Music to my ears, I sing the song with a new voice. A time to grow, and a time to discover. Life is about adventure and meeting challenges head on. Today, this moment, I’m building the foundation for change. I’m busier than I’ve ever been, teetering on the edge between the past and the future. I’m ready to take the plunge, excited for the world I’m creating.

One truth remains. Life is precious, every second. Time is more precious now and each moment should be celebrated. Whether it’s tomorrow, next week, or next year, I know I will be in a new place in my life. Plans laid today are the map that will lead me on my way. It’s my time.

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