The Call


The call came

Early this morning

And now I’m sitting

On the edge of our bed

Tears streaming down my face

As I watch you pack

We knew this day would come

It was only a matter of time

Neither wanting to believe

It would really happen

Knowing you’d answer the call

When it came

You’ll do your job

With pride and with honor

Confident you’re ready

Been training all your life

And honey,

Know I’m proud too

You’ve always been my hero

So you’ll go

Don’t know when

You’ll be home again

Just know

Each day

I’m thinking about you

Praying for you

Wishing for you

While you’re gone

I’ll be strong

Won’t let anyone see my tears

Or my heart that’s breaking

I’ll do my job

And keep the

Home fires burning

When you are so far away

Just come back to me

Come back to me

As you fight the fight

And march in line

Hold your head high

We’re all behind you

Wrapping yellow ribbons

Around every tree

Hold me in your heart

Our arms will

Cross the distance

In a true embrace

If only in our dreams

Until you come back to me


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