Reposting an old poem…


Flames flickering, lapping, reaching

Smoldering embers glow blood red

Smoke invades and suffocates

Distress turns to despair

Somewhere the devil dances and demons sing

Walls of water climbing, growing, towering

Crushing waves spiral, bile brown

Sea invades and suffocates

Distress turns to despair

Closer, the devil and demons dance

Clouds of insects swarming, buzzing, invading

Epidemic pestilence overtake cadaver grey skies

Hungry mouths invade and suffocate

Distress turns to despair

Devil and demons rejoice

In a quiet corner

The caterpillar

Finds refuge

And spins



Pulling inward


Exhaustion takes over

Until there is nothing left to do

But wait for the change that is


Wait as war rages

Wait as everything before is destroyed

Wait as everything ahead is created

Wait because it is the time to wait

A new day dawns

Old skin is shed

Wet resplendent wings dry

As the creature reclaims life

Swirls of color beating, caressing, lifting

Fragile wings spread kaleidoscope dreams

Instinct kicks in and soars

Distress is discarded and despair is a distant memory

Devil and demons ululate

And set their sight on another day

They are no match for the struggle

Of the butterfly 

Image courtesy of Patou /

3 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Michele, your poetry is very powerful. I especially loved rage. Haven’t read metamorphosis yet. Are these old poems or were they written recently? Marsha 



    1. Thanks Marsha! Right now, I’m pulling from a collection of old poems. I hope to post new ones by the end of the week. Most of the older ones were written during my divorce – lots of emotion to draw from.


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