Gossip…. a skill developed

by even the youngest among us

Garners false power that intoxicates

Gathers enthused followers who delight in misery

Guides ill-informed groups down a dangerous path


Chatter on the playground

in even the smallest group

Chastises the girl with the ill-fitting clothes

Censures the boy with the clumsy body

Castigates the child who does not fit in


Small talk in the office

in even the friendliest environment

Shatters the woman with a complicated home life

Splinters the reputation of a once admired man

Shines a light on people deemed “different’


Babble over phone lines

within even the closest group of friends

Banishes the wife who fails to conform

Bestows false labels on the husband who fails to perform

Bodes hard times ahead for families in crisis


Idle talk conveyed through keyboards

among even the most accepting groups

Indoctrinates the one who joined blindly

Incriminates the one who trusted completely

Isolates those in most need of community


Words honed on the blades of malice

by even the meekest among us

Weave cloaks of despair for intended victims

Wear down the humanity of all they reach

Waste the time of all involved


Gossip…a skill ingrained

as indicated by human nature

Garners heartache and castigates decency

Splinters harmony and bestows dishonor

Incriminates the innocent and wears away that is righteous




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