Weave Me A Story



Come, weave me a story

Let me get lost in your words

Bring me along on a new adventure

Swallow me up

So that nothing exists

Except the world you created


Introduce me to the characters

that live in your mind

I’ll do more than bear witness

With each word

I am invested

For now they live in my heart


Open that door

to new possibilities

We’ll get lost together

It is in your song

that I am inspired

to dance to the tune you crafted


Share your gift

that only stories can create

Allowing me to fly

to new places

beautifully forged

on pages that transform


Whisper your words

as you spin your tale

My awareness of anything else

slips away

As I traverse the path

You imagined


Oh, Storyteller

share your magic

In your words beautifully written

In your narrative skillfully dictated

In your music expertly played

Let me get joyfully lost



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