KnightCharge (1)

From whence

these rivers flow

From mountains on high

to oceans below

Wicked bestows


On rocky bluffs

near the ragged coast

the wayward gather

and prepare a toast

As he who seeks threatens and boasts


In the fields

hard-worked and plowed

the Earnest plan

and make their vows

before a Leader who will surely rouse


Near the valley

the battle was great

Neither blood nor threat

Could replace love for hate

Where Peace is aptly served upon their plate


Ne’er defeated

over hill and folly

Good men did challenge

as weapons were volleyed

and righteousness reigned in fields of barley


Wicked wavered

Hath evil no more

For it is in these glorious deeds

that Honor evened the score

And weakness trembled at the core


Banished Ye

All troubled men

The time of Night

has come to an end

Given time

Light transcends

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