It seems

not long ago

in some faraway

hazy place

You were here

Clinging to hope with clammy hands

This can’t be real


As one day

blends into the next

My blood boils, consuming my existence

My heart hardens, turning me to stone

You left me behind

I throw sharpened spears tipped with rage

At your empty chair


I’ll do anything

Give all that I am

If only we had one more moment

If only we had done things differently

How can you be gone

With each step I take

My shoulders carry the weight of endless regret


Nothing matters

I am an empty shell

The ache in my soul cannot be soothed

My energies are forever depleted

Everything is lost without you

Each breath I take suffocates

and leaves me a lifeless as you


I am suspended

even as the world moves forward

I am catatonic

even as those around me dream

I am stranded

on this island of grief


Slowly, moment by moment

Acceptance becomes mine

Joy creeps back in

On softly padded feet

Embracing me in renewal

You are gone

but never forgotten

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