Bucket List Revisited


If I think about

what might be

or could be

had I wandered along

a different path

I quickly get lost

in a world of

angst and anger

Wanting to revise

my bucket list


If I had it

to do over

my  list

would overflow

with dreams and hopes

Places to see

People to meet

The me I’d like to be

A fantasy

unmarred by reality


Dreams though they are

Ambition drives me toward


the should dos

as I write from my heart

Drawing the must haves

that could extend forever

Exceptions would rule

the elements of a life

that I would not trade


On my list

Happiness forever bonded with family

Love never dictated by circumstance

I might include

A pause to think things through

A moment as consequences are weighed

Before I plunge ahead

And create

my bucket list

as I go


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