In Due Time


So it begins

Simple in its beauty

Like fresh linen tablecloths

on an old picnic table

Crisp like the apples

that hang from a nearby tree

Hard-earned wrinkles

will develop

in due time


Developing slowly

Layers of complications grow

Like weeds in the garden

multiplying exponentially

Prowling like feral cats

that sneak in the night

Wells needed to sustain life

run dry

in due time


Burning fiercely

Fires in unharvested fields destroy

Like harbingers of things to come

Consuming like ravenous beasts

Signaling like warning bells

that sound the warning

The end approaches

in due time


Reaping what is left

as deadlines approach

Ambivalence hangs in the smoky air

Like heavy curtains

Delineating what is lost

Scavenging what is left

of a season’s work

A new dawn beckons

in due time

As fresh linen tablecloths

cover old picnic tables

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