Agree to Disagree


Reading a face

once familiar

tells so much more

than you’ll ever find

in the pages of a book

proclaiming to hold all the answers


When smiles

fall flat

never reaching eyes

that are clouded

with doubt

and defeat


Tasting the bitterness

of misery

reveals so much more

than you’ll ever sip

in the black coffee

left abandoned and cold


When chaste kisses

miss the mark

never to relive

the passion

that has long since



Feeling the emptiness

like a heavy shroud

exposes so much more

than the solitary star

in an empty

black sky


When polite exchanges

try to fill a void

where playful banter

is a distant memory

spoken in words

no longer understood


Agree to disagree

sweet smiles can lead to shy kisses

as warm coffee is shared

in the company of one worth fighting for

when you see that familiar face

in a new light

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