Transforming Landscapes


In a frozen world

bound by rigid rules

a stark landscape

leaves no room

for expansion

beyond ice-covered walls


Fear of failure

makes the likelihood

of escape as remote

as a tiny seed finding

enough purchase to grow

in that requisitioned tundra


With a burning desire

to cultivate a meaningful existence

framed within a warmer climate

Ambition fuels the fire that transforms

frigid streams into free-flowing waters

and carries imagination to greener pastures


Success hard-earned

makes victory ever sweeter

With each obstacle overcome

darkness becomes light

and that frozen world melts away

one step at a time


Beautiful flowers bloom in a new found world

Bathed in plumes of invigorating steam and

serenaded by cascading waterfalls

A life defined with each blossom

that reaches for the warmth

of sunny days


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