The Phoenix


Suspended until

a call to action

initiates response

Electrical impulses

race through

tingling flesh

The will to survive

innately human

choreographs the dance

performed since

time began


As the world smolders

like a house on fire

and devastation reigns

what becomes of the one

battling the blaze alone

Heart-wrenching choices

and life-altering decisions

dictate the path through the smoke

What is saved and what is forsaken

determines the future built

among the ruins


Left to burn

the seeds of ruin

a misguided notion

that beat a path to war

a stash of tainted bills

that led to greed and disregard

a broken mirror

that reflected ugly ambition

a struggle for power

that named all participants the loser

Feeds the growing inferno


Amidst the flames

possessions are salvaged

a well-loved ragdoll

that holds the memories of childhood

a dog-eared book

that records the wisdom of yesterdays

a tattered quilt

that provided warmth against the coldest days

a favorite guitar

that accompanied sweet songs of hope

Much needed tools to build a new foundation


Most treasured

of all that is saved

is Opportunity

Combined with fortitude

and readjusted priorities

It is the answer

that was there all along

Defines new life

borne from destruction

and forged in a burning will to survive

It is the phoenix rising from the ashes


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