Open Your Eyes


Casually searching

through the news of the day

I stumble across an image

now seared into my brain


It burns

as it decimates my perception

of the world that exists

beyond my insulated bubble



my eyes are opened

as my spirit mourns the ugliness

I can not unsee


I did not mean to look

but I was meant to notice

the injustice that is growing

like weeds in an untended garden


The question on my lips

at first was simply “Why?”

as I tried to comprehend

the absolute injustice


Horrific scenes

that are quickly becoming

common events

Cripple my faith


Fervent prayers

for those that fall victim

Souls struggling to survive

in a world gone mad


Feeling small and insignificant

I add my voice to the protest

Joining forces that somehow

must triumph over this evil


I send the invitation

out into the world

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

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