Doomed to Fail


A dog will run

only as far

as his chain

will allow

A victim will cower

only as long

as his spirit

refuses to answer

One side will remain oppressed

only until rebellion

is born

from broken hearts


either real or imagined

sooner or later provokes response

in the repugnant face of adversity

Low, throaty growls

pair with bared teeth

to meet the challenge as

the ghosts of evil celebrate anew

When faced with

flight or fight

Fight is

always the answer

When battle lines are drawn

in the name of any perceived conflict

We all become soldiers

eager to bear arms

Assessing odds of success

and creating battle plans

Even the meek become mighty

when enough becomes enough

Whether quick to anger

or slowly simmering

sooner or later

we all join the fight

In the throes

of convoluted emotions

Truth and justice

are easily forgotten

As the drums of war

drown out pleas for truce

No hope of victory exists

for either side

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