Cross Roads


At a crossroad

Mired in the muck

As I stand in the scorching sun

My parched lips quiver

hoping for a drop of water

as I wait for Destiny

to bequeath the Right Answer

To the left

All I’ve known dotted along familiar roads

A landscape carved with familiar memories

Accented with pangs of discontent

As mocking birds sing in trees

I planted so long ago

To the right

All that could be if I dare to travel a new route

Mountains of possibilities rise

on foundations of stepping stones

Beautiful vistas lay before me

as I grow dizzy trying to find the horizon

Indecision paralyzes as Fear whispers in my ear

The possibility that the view to the right

is simply a mirage

No different from the one to the left

further entrenches my feet firmly in inaction

I suppose it is here

I will remain

until the desire to quench my thirst

inspires me to pack my bags

and take the first step

prompt: Daily Post


*Reblogging an old post in response to today’s prompt


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