Cupid Aimed True


Like the most intricate jigsaw puzzle

it’s the jumbled pieces that somehow fit together

that make a masterpiece

Beauty created from chaos

designs something unique

that only happens with true dedication

A future planned one piece at a time

Spending time putting that puzzle together

demands patience, focus, and determination

and sometimes the need to shake the table

to begin again

always with the end goal in mind

Frustration and exasperation

go hand in hand

with magic moments when

things come together

just so

Not for the faint of heart

The instructions warned us

this puzzle was for

Experts Only

Having both created

less complicated ones

We are up for the challenge

And what Experts

we are becoming

Sometimes spending quiet hours

snuggled by the fire

we rejoiced as the edges

came together

Other times we argued

as to whose plan of action worked best

Cursing at pieces that refused to cooperate

In the busiest of times

we threw a piece or two together

each busy with separate plans

Yet with each day

the picture becomes more clear

This beautiful puzzle

more precious than any other

Worth the effort

It’s the perfect fit


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