A Cherished Gift


In the blink of an eye

it happened

Time slipped away

and got the best of me


Just a moment ago

you were my baby

A bundle of wonder

that filled my life with purpose


Created in love

you anointed me

to the most important

role I’ve ever had


As the years ticked past

I watched you grow

Always amazed with the surprises

each phase brought


The early years

framed in happy memories

of family gatherings

and new experiences


The middle years

defined by transition

as you grew into your own

Trying on different identities


These past few years

filled me with pride

as I witnessed the birth

of an exceptional young woman


And so, my sweet daughter

even though today

we celebrate your birthday

and shower you with gifts


It is me who cherishes

the sweetest gift

I received

twenty-one years ago


  1. Wow! What a lovely birthday message. You really must have an awesome daughter to inspire this amazing piece.
    Indeed, time flies! Memories of 21 years can flash through the mind in a split second.
    Keep up the good work.


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