Loosen this hold on me

Release me from demons

that still claim ownership

on my lost soul

For try as I may

the past echoes

and mirrors my every step

Casting shadows over sunny days

Disentangle me

from jumbled cords that hold me captive

like barbed wire tearing into tender flesh

leaving my body to languish in even the brightest light

Disengage your relentless assault

that grows in power

as it saps every ounce of mine

My descent is your reward

Unlock these chains

that weigh heavy on my mind

creating catastrophe in

an otherwise perfect world

Undo the days

that led me here

Let me break free

to resume my quest

for better days

*This is a general response to the topic of depression. It is not autobiographical 🙂


  1. Time will heal..
    it does that best..
    and you will know..
    with the chains falling away..
    the demons have been exorcised..
    be your own sunshine, my friend..
    you have that much strength..
    for you have come so far..
    I can see you as a fighter..
    not giving up come what may..
    till then, start walking away..
    and hope for the best..

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