One Among Many


Are we more different

than we are the same?

Or do our shared experiences

bind us together in a way

where our common humanity

declares that somehow

we are one?
We each traverse the day

as the same sun shines brightly

in the sky above

Yet our individual realities

color our perspective

Whether across the street

or across town

or across the country

or across the globe

Parallel truths conflict

with unique circumstances
Influenced by unlimited factors

physical surroundings

mix with economic standing

to create a scope of perspective

that is further shaped by

religious beliefs and political ideology

until a personal mantra is created

Is the gap between us

too vast to overcome?
Still we all feel the joy

of reuniting with ones we love

We all feel pain

when monumental loss

visits our door

A smile is the same

in any language

And sooner or later

heartache is something

none of us escapes
At this moment

far, far away

in a corner of the world

I’ll never see

An old woman lies

trapped beneath a pile of rubble

The remnants of a place she called home

Her world is one torn apart by war

Heinous images flash across my pasteurized screen

Her grief is my own

as I realize that

even in our disconnected lives

It is sometimes these differences

that connect us

and leaves me

feeling very small

in this vast world we all share

One comment

  1. Yes, we are all the same as you shared about the grief of that lady, but yet, yet…we are capable of exerting sharp and deadly differences within our own families/communities/countries/regions/religions and much elsewhere….seems a big shame on each one/all of us/leaders in every sphere. Questions you asked well.


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