Yin Yang

Symbol of the interplay of forces in the universe


A powerful tool

skillfully used to compare

the passion that fuels both love and hatred

the fluid line between right or wrong

the broken boundaries of ideology and reality

the frayed edges connecting my side with yours



to gather insight

when weighing options

Agonizing dilemmas battle in a troubled mind

Employing complicated comparisons only works

when a willingness to surrender

allows karma to play its hand



does not always equal truth

When opposing sides

claim ownership of the moral high ground

Demanding one be named Winner

while zealously excoriating the Loser

Further weakens the the chance for unbiased observations



must be paired with consideration

as comparisons are made between opposing sides

Courageously turned inward to reveal

echoes of ugliness that universally exist

Because before any healing can commence

Ego must be juxtaposed with humility

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