Book of Life


The Book of Life

slipped out of my hands

It fell to the floor and

opened to the chapter titled


Captivated by

stories of change

I wept

as my trembling fingers

turned each page

Gone were

the days of innocence

Epic tales of good and evil

recorded my personal narrative

as my eyes scanned the story of my life

Detailed accounts of triumph and loss

marked by new life and

the release of long-lived anguish

reached my lips

as I read each word aloud

Bridging the gap

between days of youth

and an uncertain future

I was riveted by accounts of days

I sometimes wished were fiction

The account of one

who was both mother and child

Steadfast and strong

while praying on trembling knees

told my story

Reaching the end

of this chapter

I closed the book

Not quite ready

to turn the next page


  1. most of us, in the earlier part of our journey have made choices that we may not make now that we have been knocked about a bit to our senses…that’s my story too reflected in your words.

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