The Great Journey


Not bound by ordinary conventions

Nor a need to lie his head

in a place called home

The Wanderer follows his own path

Writing lyrics to a song

his soul knows by heart

Beginning his journey

by the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast

A plate of shrimp and grits to satisfy his palate

The music of Donnie Fritts to soothe his spirit

The Heart of Dixie, a swift stop along his way

Adding the touch of blues his song required

Oh, but how the Crooked Trail came calling

beckoning him to the Birthplace of a Nation

The ghosts of great men standing by his side

as he walked in their footsteps, following the Journey of Hallowed Ground

Although tempted to stay lost in the flowering dogwoods,

his next adventure began whispering his name

Strumming his banjo

he left in search of the Swanee River

and found himself in the Magic City

Awed by the majesty of the Barnacle and the Freedom Tower,

he sampled the flavors of the world in a sidewalk cafe

Sipping his cafecito, he waited for inspiration to make the next call

Hopping across this vast land

he gathered sunflowers along the Yellow Brick Road

and paused by Shoshone Falls, recalling Ezra’s words

life slips by like a field mouse

He forged ahead, always moving

until at last, he landed in the place of the vast Evergreens

The weary Wanderer rested

content he had followed his muse

to places far and wide

His song was complete

filled with a blend of voices

from here and there


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