farinella liante keating 06151963_copy

Connected through generations

our lives are woven together like

the vines that wrap around ancient fig trees

standing proud in her homeland

Born when dreams of reprieve from la miserie

were quickly dashed and the great migration began

She began a life as one among many

trying to set roots to support growing branches

Aviary Photo_130737693715372541 Joining hands with her love

they traveled across the great ocean

to plant their future in the land of opportunity

in a place I call home

Working together, he cultivated the land,20080608_36

taking care to prune the tree,

while she picked the sweet fruit

that fills my plate this day

Fig4Celebrating years spent in love

beneath soaring branches

he presented her with a ring that sparkled

in the sunlight that danced between tender leaves

Today I stand in the shade of that old tree Aviary Photo_130737644797494793

as I slip that sparkling ring on my finger

A symbol of their love and

the circle that is unbroken


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