Presumed defeated

in a faraway place, long ago

Fear no longer invaded dreams

Restful sleep came to all

Confident vanquished demons

now nothing but a distant memory

The beast awoke in a spectacular wave

undulating through pristine pastures

Clawing its way through fallow soil

it resurfaced, gnashing broken teeth

Its bellowing reverberating through once sacred halls

rekindling terror long since extinguished

Time stood still as pendulous fists swung

decimating innocence and misguided trust

The beast lay to ruin

the sanctuary of yesterdays and

presumed tomorrows

as it unleashed its fury with precision

Giving life to self indulgent temper

at the expense of a lifetime of harmony

The beast fueled his need for destruction

Satisfying cloying hunger

it returned to its lair

to await its next opportunity


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