Memorial Day


Fields of small flags

unfurl in the gentle breeze

Urging us to remember and

honor those brave souls

Each a son or daughter

With a story to tell

Collectively painted with a brush

that paint red and white stripes

A boy, proud and determined,

set off on a journey to become a man

as his devoted mother released his hand

and folded hers in fervent prayer

A girl, focused and strong,

stood shoulder to shoulder with fellow soldiers

as childhood friends wished her well

Promising to reunite upon her return

Mothers left children

and husbands left wives

All to answer a call to join the fight

To serve and protect

Leaving a place called home

to march in foreign lands

They fought with heads held high

Supported by the arms of a nation

And when they fell

those sons and daughters

those mothers and fathers

A thousand tears mourned their loss

On this day of remembrance

we pause to thank each one

for the ultimate sacrifice

and raise our flag in their honor



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