Jack and me

It’s waiting that is most difficult

My stomach churns as

I force each breath

to leave my compressed chest

and gasp, starved for the next shaky inhalation

Emotion becomes its own entity

A twisted tangle of dreams, fears, anticipation

that crushes awareness of anything else

I am weightless as I meander

through surreal days

Years upon years

striving toward this goal

that many times seemed out of reach

Now at last, it is here


Arriving on waves of tears

we limp on battle-worn legs

Our voices silenced by decades of screams

Our spirits unbroken by a lifetime of fervent prayer

Tomorrow brings the moment of truth

So think of us on that day

as the sun crosses the afternoon sky

My boy will complete a journey

it has taken a lifetime to achieve

and I will release the breath I’ve been holding far too long

photo: mine

6/17/15 – He did it! IMG_0288


  1. There is nothing more touching to me than a Mother’s pride and joy in their children’s life achievements. And it is quite achievement on your part. I share your joy and I encourage you to not hold back on feeling proud (and maybe a bit misty 🙂
    Much love, Harlon

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