Grandpa’s Garage


I visited my yesterdays

one warm afternoon

as I stepped into my father’s garage

and came face to face with the past

My eyes registered familiar sights

but something about the way it smelled

swiftly brought me back

to days long forgotten

Gasoline mixed with the unmistakable aroma

of freshly cut grass and an assortment of garden supplies

washed over me as I became a ten year old girl again

exploring my grandfather’s cavernous wooden workshop

Flecks of dust floated in the air

as sunlight snuck in through wooded slats

In my mind’s eye, I ran my fingers over

rows of metal tools hanging on racks that lined each wall

I heard my sisters laughing in the rose garden

out there just outside the huge double doors

as my grandmother doled out delicate pieces of ribbon candy

I tasted the sweet confection that looked like rivers of rainbows

It’s been a lifetime since those days

stuck somewhere in the distant past

Funny how such a simple thing – a mixture of every day aromas

Can bring me back when I least expected it



  1. I too am refreshed by such happenings. Whenever I hear a radio in the mid-afternoons, my mind and soul brings back the 1960 songs I hear played by neighbors when radio was the sound of the day…I was young then and I became young again in my memory….a few happy moments of memories.


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