Full Circle


If you wait long enough

life comes full circle

Each second ticks by

meticulously measuring each step

creating order amidst chaos

With no regard for grand plans or purposeful intention

things fall into place of their own accord

while you ride rivers of white water

pausing here and there in tidal pools, tranquil and calm

that linger just before the highest waterfalls

Sometimes you must surrender

and take the plunge

Become one with the water

a little bumped and bruised

but exhilarated by the ride

And when you arrive at that place where the river meets the ocean

and the crashing waves mirror the sound of the ever present ticking clock

You tumble onto the shore, wet and weary

confident enough to make your mark

as you draw a closed circle in the sand

photo: http://www.freestockphotos.biz/stockphoto/11703

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