Walk Through Regret


Walking endless miles to search for truth

Step through fire as the world burns

Wind whips at your heels as flames singe your back

Still you walk on

Climb that hill by the neighbor you failed to visit

His suffering is great as you pass by

Regret is yours as you imagine he could be someone to admire

Walk on, walk on

Over roads crowded with abandoned dreams

and through cities crying in the darkness

thoughts of rebuilding, your only companion

as you walk on

When the flames were barely a flicker and reality was tangible

society was consumed by selfish intent and even your behavior seemed sensible

All too busy to stand watch as the inferno grew and grew

and so now, you must walk on

Too late to squelch the conflagration, all is destroyed

Destiny is set as you seek a new way of life

Offering reparation for each sin, leave it all behind

and walk toward the new light

Prompt 48 – Weekend Wordle #7

photo: pixabay

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