Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Once I gazed into my crystal ball

Clutched it in my clammy hands

and willed it to reveal the future

The absence of clear visions

reflected my absolute lack of power

Frustration welled deep within

and burst through those shaky hands

I shook it, cursing its honesty

I slammed it, mourning my losses

I buried it in the muck

In the rebirth of Spring

I noticed a single flower growing

from the grave I dug so long ago

Dirt embedded in my fingernails

as I clawed the ground

Unearthed from its tomb

that crystal ball shone with

sapphire hues, sparkling and iridescent

Capturing all my sadness

and transforming it into Beauty itself

And now, sitting in my garden

that needed time to bloom

I hold my crystal ball

Peering into visions of the future

built on the power of the past

photo: mine


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