Shop of Dreams

9940350134_d72e077939_o (1)

He’s the shopkeeper of dreams

trying to provide a leg up and a bit of courage

to those afraid to do more than peer in the window

Meeting her nervous smile

with his own warm grin

he invites her in

Look around, he says,

everything you need is here,

the sky’s the limit

She peruses the stacked shelves

and gathers a boxes labeled Courage,

Support, and Good Fortune

Taking them to the counter

and placing them gently before him

she reaches for her wallet

Not necessary, he tells her,

Payment is in your using these well

Opportunity is like that

Laughing at her confused look.

he adds…

You’ve earned each one of these gifts

After packaging her items with care

he sends her on her way,

Giving her time to reflect

As evening gives way to the morning light

a shy girl awakes from vivid dreams

and decides to take a chance




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