The Open Road


Kindred spirits, they shared the same longing

A desire to be free and travel the world unencumbered

The open road was their map as they began a journey

meant to chase opportunities and follow dreams

An epic written one mile at a time

Slipping behind the wheel, he turned the keys

one that brought the engine to life

one that brought life to his restless soul

one that locked them together on an endless joyride

Chasing adventure, following hope

A love story lived one mile at a time

Settling in beside his side, she buckled in

Securing her place in the fast car

Securing his restless soul to hers

Securing a future they’d create together

Chasing destiny, following fate

A romance lived one mile at a time

That open road, filled with hills and valleys

and hairpin turns that caught their breath

was laden with mementos of a life lived with purpose

A shared exploration of true partnership

Finding serenity, embracing vows

A marriage lived one mile at a time

photo: J. Messina


  1. I like the refrain ” one mile at a time ” and I hope for you and all others that one mile at a time made up endless miles of a life that visited many destinations like love/purpose/vows…..a poem to read at the end of a day/end of a season/end of our journey.


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