A Writer’s Journey

A Writer's Journey

Slipping loose from the daily routine

she embarked on a journey of reckless endangerment

to empower the voices that lived in her head

Stepping outside that comfort zone

she banned kindness and embraced sins of the past

if only to provide a fresh perspective

Digging deep into the grimy landscapes of her subconscious

she sought inspiration from ghosts that haunted her memories

seeking a new light borne from the darkness

Satisfying insatiable cravings

she replenished her dreams and released demons

as each rose to kiss the palm of her battered hand

No longer trapped in a sea of weary words

she found a new way to express her love

for writing tales that waited to be told

photo: mine

prompts: MadVerse # 495

224 #ashverse 4-5-6/11

WyldeVerse prompt #74

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