Rain Animated Gif.gif

It rained that day

Warm kisses that fell from the sky

creating puddles by the side of the road

where children stomped bare feet and

filled the still air with their laughter

Innocence framed beneath a Summer rainbow

It rained that day

Angry torrents that attacked from the sky

creating chaos by the side of the road

where hurried pedestrians dashed with broken umbrellas and

emptied sidewalks in their rush for shelter

Weariness framed beneath an Autumn storm

It rained that day

Pellets of sleet that punished from the sky

creating hazards by the side of the road

where white-knuckled drivers pumped brake pedals and

decorated slushy streets in strings of red lights

Danger framed beneath a Winter night

It rained today

Soft and rhythmic waves sent down from the sky

creating melodies by the side of the road

where I sat at my window, captivated, and

smiled as it washed all my cares away

Renewal framed beneath Spring sunshowers

Prompt: Climate Control

Photo: French Sampler


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