We fight to live

we fight to love

we expect nothing

as the first phase of

the revolution grows

Finding each other

to join forces despite chaos

swirling like storms that create

thick smoke and broken mirrors

the attraction between like minds

can not be denied

We fight to live hard

we fight to love hard

we expect nothing less

as the feeding frenzy surrounding

this revolution grows

Working together

to create change despite resistance

feverishly conducting an orchestra

that hits sour notes and broken melodies

the goals shared by like minds

can not be denied

We fight to live fearlessly

we fight to love fearlessly

we expect this world to change

as the faded spirit of dark times disappears

retreating in defeat with one last howl

photo: A Horse With No Name Photography

prompts: WyldeVerse 97, AshVerse 244, MadVerse 536

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