Discarded Promises


Somehow derelict in promises

to have and hold

to love unconditionally

their love became dusty on

foundations of walls

they built

Deserted as the journey

of broken endings unfolded

love lived just this side of


and crashed into that side of

never, crashed into never

Dilapidated dreams turned away

from wisps of hope

buried beneath accusation and apathy

Even with a forced disguise

what was beautiful slowly died

like a smashed flower on the sidewalk

photo: Flickr – Kurt Bauschard

prompts: MadVerse 554, 556, FieryVerse, WyldeVerse 101. 102, LyricScrawl 003


  1. I hope you haven’t had to go through this but is sounds as if you have… You can only write lines like “smashed into never” unless you’ve been there. I wrote one one forgiveness named “Dusty Crowns ” So I was taken aback on your line of “love became dusty”… Pretty poem… Debbie

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