Poison Rain

2015-06-22 14.17.07.jpg

Washed in the waters of discontent

it’s easy to drown

Stuck in waves of endless trials

it’s easy to surrender…

but I won’t

Suffocating in tides of grief

I claw my way to the surface

and pause, floating

for just a moment,

I fill my lungs with the fresh air

I was warned – a faithless heart can’t beat

but my broken one can find a way

I find beauty in fractured horizons

even in the poison rain

even in that poison rain

Saying goodbye held me hostage

Clinging to yesterdays bound me in chains

until I understood, I finally knew

I use memories of what was to create

a reason to believe in tomorrow

photo: mine

prompts: Daily Post, WyldeVerse 105, Verse Reversal 350, MadVerse 563


  1. I have constantly pondered how individuals in dire situations plod on in hope of better days….it may have to be ” a reason to believe in tomorrow” as you phrase it.


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