Unlikely Miracles


And so it is with blind trust

that I stare at this blank page

willing the words to appear

knowing sometimes

the stories we tell

are written in invisible ink

Prodded by a desire

to release demons and

capture angels

my fingers race across

well worn keyboards

looking for that potent elixir

Like diamonds from ashes

the prose appears

dipped in gold from straws

immersed in wells

we hope won’t run dry

Unlikely miracles do happen

photo: Pixabay

prompts: WyldeVerse 117, MadVerse 593


  1. I have really enjoying reading your poetry these past two weeks since I discovered your corner of WordPress and daffodils are my second favorite flower so needless to say I find your site lovely. And so I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award over at this link http://memeesmusings.com/2016/02/25/and-the-nominations-go-to/

    I hope you have a wonderful spring and continue writing. I am definately going to have to check out your fiction story snippets as well!

    ☀ Memee


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