Open Doors

2015-10-07 16.03.39 (2)

Not because possible disappointments

hang in the air, stagnant and stifling

Not because possible changes

hover in the shadows, imminent and impending

Not because possible endings

hide in plain sight, teasing and tormenting

but because in the quiet of these moments

I hear the music that orchestrates my future

Because those closing doors

open a million windows, crystal and clear

Because those new adventures

offer a million opportunities, astonishing and appealing

Because those changing chords

organize beautiful melodies, soothing and soft

I shatter the silence, ending indecision

because there are always ways to begin again

Photo: mine

Prompts: Wednesday Poetry Prompts, Verse Reversal


  1. Wow gorgeous. Loved how you described a new beginning in the form of music, melodies and sounds. The line: ” I shatter the silence, ending indecisio,” is powerful. Your character is beginning anew again — with such promise. Loved this poem a lot!

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